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Brassware Finishes

All Witt & Berg products are manufactured using traditional techniques so we do not use lacquer on any of our finishes. Our finishes are unlacquered ‘living’ finishes that are designed to tarnish and patinate with time to develop a characterful patina. The extent to which they change in appearance will depend upon the environment within which they stand and the conditions of use.


Glamorous and sophisticated, our Polished Chrome finish is a glossy, mirror-like finish with both traditional and contemporary appeal. Chrome's highly durable nature means that, with very little maintenance, its radiance will never dull.


Exuding an irresistible warmth, our Nickel finish offers a softness and depth of lustre that elevates all styles of design. With its evolving disposition, our Nickel finish will age to a natural patina developing a deeper tone over time.

Brushed Nickel

Hand brushed by our skilled craftsman, our bespoke Brushed Nickel finish has a delicately textured surface that interplays with shadows and light. Matte grey and subdued in appearance, Brushed Nickel is truly in a world of its own.

Polished Brass

Traditional and timeless. Our Polished Brass finish is hand buffed by our skilled craftsmen to achieve a superior, high sheen. It's lush, reflective and overwhelmingly warm nature have made it a highly-sought after finish and an icon amongst its peers.

Weathered Brass

Echoing the natural transformation of brass that has matured and patinated over a long period of time, our Weathered Brass finish is an authentic, multi-tonal finish that exudes a velvety, bronze-like appearance and rich depth of colour like no other.

Aged Copper

An ode to 19th century French metalware, our Aged Copper finish emulates the identity of Copper aged over time. Its deepening hues of red and unmatched heritage make it a finish that will stand as the focal point of any room.

Weathered Copper

Intense and consuming, our Weathered Copper finish emulates the appearance of organically aged Copper. Its dark and earthy appearance is juxtaposed by glimmering undertones of Copper making it a characterful finish that will further develop with time.